The LGBTQ & Allies Caucus met virtually on Sunday, June 6.

June 2021 sections meetings

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Magda Houlberg, MD, chair of the Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues, updated participants about the group’s recent work with AMA and external stakeholders to support and advance policy, education, research, advocacy, and care delivery related to LGBTQ+ health and well-being.

Highlights included:

  • Collaboration and integration of LGBTQ+ health initiatives across AMA sectors.
  • The growing body of LGBTQ+ health course content available on the AMA EdHub™.
  • Partnership with the AMA advocacy team on identification of key public policy priorities and provision of subject matter expertise on contemporary challenges and opportunities.
  • Focus on increasing awareness of the intersection of race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • Networking and leadership development opportunities for LGBTQ+ medical students, residents and fellows.
  • Building alliances with external stakeholders to advance enterprise LGBTQ+ equity goals.

Dr. Houlberg honored and thanked committee members who are completing their terms of service and leadership and welcomed members who have been appointed to the group.

Additional information

Participants were encouraged to participate in an upcoming June 24 webinar cosponsored by the Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues and Minority Affairs Sections:

Jessica Halem, MBA, award-winning educator, advocate, communicator and consultant on LGBTQ+ issues delivered a keynote address aimed at recentering foundational concepts in LGBTQ health. Ms. Halem explored historic milestones, current demographics, public policy achievements and challenges, and ongoing challenges and opportunities for improving physician awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ health and well-being and the importance of centering patients in charting the course for the future.

Caucus participants engaged in discussion to assess the impact of the pandemic on LGBTQ+ health, raise awareness of related AMA work and the vital importance of stakeholder alliances. Central to this work is including and elevating the diverse voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ patients, medical students, physicians, and community care and service professionals.

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