The Academic Physicians Section (APS) met virtually on Saturday, Nov. 6.

Approximately 50 participants—comprising deans and faculty from a wide range of medical schools, graduate medical education programs and academic health systems nationwide—voiced their opinions and reached decisions on recommendations for 26 reports and resolutions to be acted upon by delegates at the November 2021 Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates (HOD), Nov. 12-15.

Also in attendance were a number of members of the AMA Board of Trustees and Council on Medical Education, reflecting the important work of the APS.

Alma B. Littles, MD, APS delegate, led the discussion of the reports and resolutions, and will represent the APS during the HOD meeting, along with Suzanne Allen, MD, APS alternate delegate.

The continuing medical education component of the meeting, “Racial Diversity in the Academic Physician ‘Supply Chain,’” examined the impacts of racial bias in entry to and advancement through the medical education “supply chain” upon medical students and physicians as well as patients. Learners considered potential solutions to the problem, including institution-wide programs and opportunities for individual physicians to mentor minoritized populations to prevent, reduce, or eliminate racial bias in medical education entry and advancement.

Faculty for the session were:

  • Joaquin Baca, MSPH
  • Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, MD, MEd
  • Mark Meyer, MD
  • Alma B. Littles, MD
  • Neel B. Shah, MB, ChB

Visit the education sessions page for additional information on this topic and other sessions.

In addition to the education session, APS members also heard about other AMA initiatives:

The APS meeting was led by Chair Khanh-Van T. Le-Bucklin, MD, MEd. Reflecting on the meeting, she noted:

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, our AMA made the wise decision to hold another virtual rather than face-to-face meeting. Despite that limitation, the AMA-APS meeting brought together our core members to accomplish the business at hand, with contributions from across our membership. It was inspiring to see the level of engagement among attendees on our discussion of HOD items of business.

“Equally exciting was our educational session on advancing the racial diversity of academic physicians. This builds on the impetus from our June 2021 educational session, ‘African, Black, and Caribbean Voices: Patient narratives as a means to counter racism and unconscious bias in medicine,’ and aligns with our upcoming December 7 webinar, Medical and Ethical Challenges in Clinical Genomics.

“Going forward, we hope to build upon the growing awareness of the Academic Physicians Section as a leader in bringing to the forefront key areas of needed change in medical education.”

For additional information on the November MSS meeting, visit the section's agenda & resources page.

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