Approximately 35 academic physicians from across the country representing the Academic Physicians Section (APS) convened in person, on June 10, 2022, in Chicago, for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the APS Governing Council for 2022-23:

  • Chair-elect: Suzanne M. Allen, MD, MPH
  • Delegate: Alma B. Littles, MD
  • Alternate Delegate: Gary M. Gaddis, MD, PhD
  • Member at large (three total):
    • June-Anne Gold, MD, MBBS
    • Stuart M. Greenstein, MD
    • Neel B. Shah, MB, ChB

Members continuing on from their prior terms are as follows:

  • Mark Meyer, MD, chair
  • Khanh-Van T. Le-Bucklin, MD, MEd, immediate past chair
  • Jose Manuel de la Rosa, MD, liaison to the Council on Medical Education

Several educational programs were presented to APS members, including:

  • AMA medical education planning and future direction and Accelerating Change in Medical Education update: Sanjay Desai, MD, chief academic officer
  • AMA medical education support for equity, diversity and belonging: Joaquin Baca, MSPH, director of meded equity, diversity and belonging
  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education update: Barbara Barzansky, PhD, MHPE, co-Secretary, and Robert Hash, MD, MBA, assistant secretary

In addition, the APS hosted an interactive discussion to invite members’ perspectives on various challenges and opportunities facing the APS. Participants considered the following three questions:

During a 90-minute session, the APS engaged in a lively yet collegial debate as the section considered and developed positions on various reports and resolutions (many from Reference Committee C):

  • Council on Medical Education Sunset Review of 2012 House Policies
  • An Update on Continuing Board Certification
  • Onsite and Subsidized Childcare for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows
  • Protection of Terms Describing Physician Education and Practice
  • Education, Training, and Credentialing of Non-Physician Health Care Providers and Their Impact on Physician Education and Training
  • Clinical Applications of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows
  • Medical Education Debt Cancellation in the Face of a Physician Shortage During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Resident and Fellow Access to Fertility Preservation
  • Fatigue Mitigation Respite for Faculty and Residents
  • Accountable Organizations to Resident and Fellow Trainees
  • Reducing Overall Fees and Making Costs for Licensing, Exam Fees, Application Fees, etc., Equitable for IMGS
  • Creating a More Accurate Accounting of Medical Education Financial Costs
  • Parental Leave and Planning Resources for Medical Students
  • University Land Grant Status in Medical School Admissions
  • Decreasing Bias in Evaluations of Medical Student Performance
  • Support for Standardized Interpreter Training
  • Discontinue State Licensure Requirement for COMLEX Level 2 PE
  • Reduce Financial Burden to Medical Students of Medical Licensure Examinations
  • Decreasing Medical Student Debt and Increasing Transparency in Cost of Medical School Attendance
  • Support for Institutional Policies for Personal Days for Undergraduate Medical Students
  • Modifying Eligibility Criteria for the Association of American Medical Colleges' Financial Assistance Program
  • Providing Transparent and Accurate Data Regarding Students and Faculty at Medical Schools
  • Medical Student, Resident and Fellow Suicide Reporting
  • CME for Preceptorship
  • Senior Living Community Training for Medical Students and Residents
  • Tuition Cost Transparency
  • Improving and Standardizing Pregnancy and Lactation Accommodations for Medical Board Examinations
  • Standards in Cultural Humility Training Within Medical Education
  • Cultural Leave for American Indian Territories
  • Sexual Harassment Accreditation Standards for Medical Training Programs
  • Single Licensing Exam Series for Osteopathic and Allopathic Medical Students
  • Standardized Wellness Initiative Reporting
  • Leadership Training Must Become an Integral Part of Medical Education
  • Increasing Transparency of the Resident Physician Application Process
  • Use of the Terms "Residency" and "Fellowship" by Health Professionals Outside of Medicine

For additional information on the June APS meeting, visit the section's agenda & resources page.

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