A valued benefit of AMA membership is unlimited digital access to the trusted and essential research found in the pages of JAMA and the JAMA Network™ of 12 related journals—plus a wealth of educational material that can be used to earn continuing medical education credits and contribute to professional growth.


Free for 2 years with AMA membership. Learn meditation & mindfulness in just a few minutes/day with guided meditations on topics like stress & sleep.

But you probably already knew that.

What you may not have known is that AMA membership also comes with a plethora of benefits and opportunities designed to match the needs and interests of physicians wherever they may currently be travelling on their professional journey.

These include discounts on goods and services needed to run a practice, plus others designed to meet home, health and travel needs while boosting convenience, comfort and affordability.

Other benefits are meant to be used for advancing physician interests in research, leadership and advocacy.

Here are five other kinds of AMA member benefits you may not have expected.

The SimpliSafe home security systems is available to AMA members at a discount and comes with a free SimpliCam monitor. If you’re done protecting your home and need to sell it, AMA members can contact DRS Agent, a service that will connect them to a vetted Realtor specializing in serving medical professionals.

Homeowner protection plans are available through AMA Insurance, an AMA subsidiary. And low-rate custom digital mortgages are available to members through Laurel Road.

AMA members also have two years of free access to the Headspace guided meditation and mindfulness app, which has been shown to reduce stress while boosting resilience and “satisfaction with life.”

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AMA members are eligible to book vacations through AHI Travel and AHI Cruises, family owned companies that offer expert tour guides and preferred access to local sites.

Mercedes-Benz provides AMA members savings between $500 and $3,500 on vehicle purchases and leases. Auto insurance is available through AMA Insurance.

The AMA provides physicians with the practice-management tools they need to succeed such as webinars, podcasts and informational guides on negotiating contracts, aligning with physician-led health systems, navigating the Medicare Quality Payment Program, running a green practice, preparing a Physician Financial Transparency Report, and other topics.

The AMA works with the following companies to provide discounted services and supplies physicians need for a successful practice:

  • Tablets, laptops and desktop computers, servers and other office technology from Lenovo.
  • Credit card transaction service and equipment from TSYS Merchant Solutions.
  • Copying services and savings of up to 50% from UPS.

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The AMA also offers informational guides, checklists and templates to be used in protecting physician computers and computer networks and safeguarding patient records.

Also available is a packet of infographics, images and posters have been developed to help physicians create an informative and engaging promotional email campaign each October for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. These resources, however, are not technically a benefit exclusive to AMA members. They were considered too valuable not to be shared and are publicly available.

But through AMA Member Benefits PLUS, a benefit on identity theft protection is available from Identity Guard, which alerts you to suspicious transactions and offers cyberbully monitoring of children’s social media accounts.

Physicians looking to get involved in political advocacy can work with AMA’s political action committee, AMPAC, to learn how to effectively lobby on an issue and campaign for a candidate. AMPAC also offers a candidate workshop for physicians seeking to “make the leap from the exam room to the campaign trail.”

Members conducting historical research can access the AMA Archives, which include more than 90 collections containing documents, photographs, films, books, memorabilia and artifacts.

The AMA Physician Innovation Network connects physicians, entrepreneurs and health tech companies to collaborate on innovations to solve problems and improve the state of health care.

And, lastly, for members seeking to shape policy that advances the issues facing the physician community, there is the organization of the AMA itself. The Association is always seeking physician volunteers to serve in advisory, mentoring and elected leadership roles. Come to an AMA event and discover opportunities to advance your interests.

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