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Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP)

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Complete the membership application to join or renew and enjoy the benefits of being an AMA member.

The Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP) is a peer-to-peer recruitment program that promotes AMA membership to 1st-year medical students. It also provides training and recruitment resources to encourage the incoming class of medical students to join the AMA.

    As a Medical Student Outreach Leader, you will manage AMA-recruiting efforts at your school, strengthen the voice of the AMA on campus and help actively shape the future of medicine by:

    • Attending the Medical Student Outreach Leader training sessions
    • Organizing membership recruitment events
    • Coordinating membership retention initiatives
    • Managing and distribute incentives to M1s
    • Working closely on all recruitment strategies and tactics to increase membership on campus
    • Establishing a group of students from your local section to form a membership committee to assist in recruitment efforts
    Prepare for your career’s next steps

    Supplement your training with the valuable opportunities the AMA provides as a Medical Student Outreach Leader.

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