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Physician Volunteer & Paid Opportunities

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The Physician Opportunities Portal is an interactive platform that provides physicians interested in volunteering or working outside of their normal practice setting, with a list of volunteer and paid, short-term opportunities in medicine.  

Portal Tiers

Everyone can view available opportunities, but 2 additional tiers offer greater benefits:

  1. Free online AMA account: Save searches and receive timely alerts.
  2. AMA member: Save searches, receive alerts and access paid opportunities.


Physician Opportunities Portal

Search the portal for a variety of opportunities.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Access volunteer opportunities to contribute skills generated through a lifetime of medical experience or to further develop the various components of present medical expertise.

Get easy access to volunteer opportunities in the field of medicine including:

  • Emergency & safety
  • Health & wellness
  • AMA opportunities

Find Paid Opportunities

The Physician Opportunities Portal offers short-term opportunities for physicians. AMA members can access all paid opportunities to help add potential income streams from various fields including:

  • Consulting
  • Legal expert
  • Locum tenens

Not a member? Become a member now to see paid opportunities.

The Physician Opportunities Portal is not only a valuable tool for solo and small practices looking to augment their practice needs, but it is also of value to physicians retired from practice who want to continue working in the field of medicine.

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