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The GME Competency Education Program

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The AMA’s GME Competency Education Program is a series of online educational modules designed to complement teachings in patient settings and didactic curriculums in residency and fellowship programs. It helps residents and their institutions develop ACGME milestones to meet core competency requirements. 

The GME Competency Education Program offers a robust library of coursework. Course curricula are customizable, allowing administrators to tailor them for residents’ individual program year and program needs—all while tracking the progress of residents.

Using the GME Competency Education Program at Your Institution

The GME Competency Education Program lets administrators quickly access their institution’s and residents’ usage through a dashboard view. An easy-to-use reporting system allows for quick analysis of resident progress.

Administrators can track:

  • Completion status of assignments
  • Assessment results, including flagging three failed assessment attempts
  • Summaries of assessments taken by the program
  • Results organized by individual, PGY, program or institution
  • Certificate reports of courses that residents have successfully completed

Value for Residents

The GME Competency Education Platform gives residents tools to develop and measure their knowledge and skills to help meet ACGME competency education requirements. The short courses reduce the time needed for education, thus reducing the stress on residents. Residents can keep track of completed courses and obtain their own printable certificates verifying they passed the post-assessments.

Each course contains interactive elements so residents can apply their learnings to real-time situations, and automated email due-date reminders keep residents on track. With 24-hour access and content optimized for mobile, residents can complete courses and assessments at their convenience.

Residents can review their current testing status or see detailed reports on completed assignments in their progress file.

Contact Us

For more information or to request a demo to see if the GME Competency Education Program is right for your residents, contact us at [email protected].

If you are a current subscriber and have a question about the functionality of your site, email [email protected] or call the Unified Service Center at (800) 262-3211.

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