Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates on June 14, 2022.

Officers and four councils are elected by the American Medical Association House of Delegates (HOD) at the Annual Meeting. The elections are by secret ballot and are conducted under the supervision of the Committee on Rules and Credentials and the chief teller, who are appointed by the speaker and vice speaker, who are responsible for overall administration of the elections.

Stephen K. Epstein, MD, MPP




Stephen K. Epstein, MD, MPP: GMA

Steve is chair of the Section Council on Emergency Medicine and a past chair of the SSS. He serves on the Council on Medical Service Executive Committee and works to both understand the complex issues in front of the council and build consensus among our colleagues. During his tenure, the council has continued its important work on patient access to affordable health care insurance and medications, ensuring the viability of private practice and streamlining prior authorization.

The corporate practice of medicine, advanced payments models, social determinants of health—Steve has seen them all. Steve has served on the ACEP task force studying how private equity affects our practices, created a qualified clinical data registry with over 100 million patient visits, serves on a CMS MACRA clinician expert panel on cost measures and is in full-time practice in the emergency department, the health care safety net. In his community emergency medicine practice, he provides care to our nation’s most vulnerable populations. He understands what happens when patients can’t afford their medications or lose their housing or health care insurance. He knows the issues because he sees the issues every day.

As the COVID-19 public health emergency winds down, Steve is ready to fight to preserve access to care by a physician. We must protect the new flexibilities that have allowed telehealth to flourish while ensuring that our patients have continuity of care within their physician-led team. We cannot allow scope of practice to threaten patient access to physicians and the best quality of care. We need to continue to advocate for sound science as the basis for our practices and keep governments out of our exam rooms. Steve is ready to continue to serve you on the Council on Medical Service as a trusted and valued advocate and champion for physicians and patients.

Stephen K. Epstein, MD, MPP: Family

Steve grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts. After residency training in the Midwest, Steve returned to the Boston area, settling in Needham, Massachusetts, and marrying his wife, Laura, an orthodontist in private practice. Together, they have raised two children. He serves his community as a long-time elected member of the local Board of Health, where Tobacco21 was born. With his children now in college, Steve has found time to volunteer with Community Action Partners, a consulting group partnering with nonprofits on critical business challenges. He is an expert skier and is part of the physician pool of the national U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams. He has a long-running streak of solved New York Times crossword puzzles and is also reengaging in music, attending a vocal jazz camp in the summers.

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