The AMA’s website has been redesigned from top to bottom to make it easier for physicians, medical students and other stakeholders to find the news, tools, resources and information they need. The redesign is part of a broader effort to make all the great work the AMA does more visible to doctors and others searching for answers on practice management, health care policy and more.

Here are the four main benefits of the AMA website’s new look and feel.

Better user experience. As part of the redesign, the news articles that previously were published under the AMA Wire® banner and subdomain have been incorporated in the main AMA website. This makes it easier for our physician and medical student readers to find out what is making news in the many areas in which the AMA is reshaping medicine.

And the site’s simpler navigation means fewer clicks to find the key content that you need, with almost everything within reach in three clicks. Subscribing to the daily AMA Morning Rounds® email newsletter, discovering AMA Insurance discounts and renewing your AMA membership are all much easier. JAMA Network™, FREIDA™, CPT®, and CME are just a few of the key resources that you will easily find right on the home page.

News comes first, and more recognition for AMA members. By taking a news-first approach to surfacing content, the redesigned AMA website has become a dynamic media platform. No matter the category or topic, users are served timely, relevant news articles serving up useful information that shows how the AMA is making a difference.

The redesigned site also further shines a spotlight on the inspiring AMA member physicians who are relentlessly moving medicine through advocacy, education, patient care and practice innovation.

Greater discoverability. The redesigned AMA site also better optimizes the website for the search engines that we all rely on to serve up useful answers to our questions. A unified website gets more authority in the algorithms that Google and others use to rank search results.

This means the outstanding research, policymaking actions and news articles published on the AMA website will get higher placement when doctors search for the answers to their questions on topics such as delivering care and physician payment.

Refined website search. Not only will the unified AMA website move up on the results pages from search engines, but the AMA site search has been dramatically improved. You will find that the results served up are more relevant, and they can be filtered by various filters such as ethics, CPT®, council reports and more.

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