AMA STEPS Forward™ Practice Improvement Strategies

When managing a medical practice takes valuable time away from providing patient care, AMA STEPS Forward™ sheds new light on solutions.

AMA STEPS Forward™ can help

Access more than 40 online modules, plus resources, case studies and other content around: Patient Care, Workflow, Leading Change, Professional Well-being, Technology and Finance.

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Reignite your purpose

The AMA's collection of interactive educational modules is developed by physicians for physicians. Redesign your practice and achieve the quadruple aim of:

  1. Better patient experience
  2. Better population health
  3. Lower overall costs
  4. Improved professional satisfaction

The satisfaction of delivering care

The real-world strategies, tools and resources presented in AMA STEPS Forward™ are based on the key insights of the AMA-RAND study, "Factors affecting physician professional satisfaction and their implications for patient care, health systems and health policy."

AMA STEPS Forward™ practice improvement strategies include a variety of modules on professional well‑being, specifically preventing physician burnout. These modules offer opportunities to improve patient satisfaction, quality outcomes and provider recruitment and retention.