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Harvard Medical School has launched its Pathways Curriculum with the goal of creating master adaptive learners who are self-directed, reflective, curious, cognitively flexible and capable of embracing uncertainty. To achieve this goal, Harvard has reorganized its entire curriculum, utilizing new active-learning models and creating a mastery-oriented culture.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Enhancing Approaches to Clinical Skills Teaching and Assessment at Harvard Medical School (PDF)

Need/gap addressed: Through these two approaches to clinical skills assessment (coaching and the provision/documentation of in-the-moment feedback using a mobile device app), we hope to close the gap between a student’s current level and desired level of competency for various clinical skills. Through direct faculty observation and coaching, and the provision of real-time actionable feedback, students will be able to advance in their clinical skill milestones in an effective, meaningful and deliberate way.

Principal investigator: John Dalrymple, MD
Associate dean for medical education quality improvement

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