Interim Meeting

Top 5 issues to watch at the 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Track the big issues that physicians, residents and medical students will consider at their meeting Nov. 8–13 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Setup of medical hazards in hospital room with test dummy

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

4 hazards medical trainees face in hospital “room of horrors”

A safety-focused simulation aims to help medical students and residents identify potential hazards in a hospital room before they cause harm.


Understanding the opioid epidemic’s economic toll

Nearly 70,000 people died from drug-related overdose between January 2017 and January 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with about 48,000 related to opioids, the majority of which is due to heroin and illicit fenta

Hank M. Spellman, second-year student


Members Move Medicine: Helping others, hearing their stories

AMA member and medical student Hank M. Spellman is already reaching patients through a nonprofit that raises awareness about public health issues.

Person holding a stethoscope against American flag

Patient Support & Advocacy

Why the U.S. health care system should be reformed

Find out why the AMA is committed to health care reform that expands insurance coverage and provides more access to high-quality care.

Patient Support & Advocacy

Competition in health insurance research

Learn about the current state of competition in health insurance markets across the U.S. and review in-depth analysis on market concentration.

Patient Support & Advocacy

Medical Cybersecurity: A patient safety issue

Study finds 83% of physician practices experienced a cyberattack; HIPAA is a must but not enough, and reliable IT vendors are just part of the solution.

Patient Support & Advocacy

How Medicaid expansion has improved care access, outcomes

Find out how the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion has increased insurance coverage and led to better access to care and patient outcomes.

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