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Patient Health Resources

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Patients stay healthier when they stay informed, which makes communication key to the medical profession. The AMA provides physicians patient education materials and networks to help their patients stay and live healthy. Explore the latest patient information about patient health—including diabetes, hypertension and weight loss—and improving the health of the nation.

JAMA® Patient Information

Explore the latest patient information from the JAMA Network™ (JAMA®, JAMA Network Open and the 11 specialty journals) including easy-to-understand information about prevention and management of common illnesses. The JAMA journals provide a tool for more effective communication between patients and physicians and include articles based on their potential educational value for the public.

With health care topics so prevalent in the media, the best way for patients to determine how a particular medical news development does or does not apply to their individual health situation is to discuss these issues with their physician. JAMA patient information is written with the patient in mind—to make the information understandable and helpful. It also includes basic information to provide essential context and indicates sources for additional information on the same topic.

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