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Digital Health Improvements

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Digital Health Tools

Health care is evolving rapidly. The AMA, using the expertise of physicians and input from partners on the leading edge of health technology, has developed resources, toolkits and training to assist physicians in navigating this new, exciting and changing environment.

Working with physicians, legislators, technology developers and others, the AMA is leading the charge in helping improve digital health tools to make them more usable, secure and accessible for patients and physicians. The AMA is also working to make sure that the policies physicians must follow to utilize these tools are sensible, minimize red tape and allow physicians to focus on what matters the most: their patients.

Together, we are helping physicians use advanced technologies that can reduce inefficiencies in health care delivery, improve patient access, lower costs and increase quality of care. 

Telemedicine and Mobile Health Apps

Telemedicine and mobile health tools can maximize health care resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for patients to engage with clinicians and better manage their own  care.

Discover how to use connected health tools in your practice.

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

HIEs allow doctors and other health providers to share patient data electronically as a way of improving the care and health of patients across the country.

Find details on Health Information Exchanges and selecting a HIE.

EHR Usability

Some of the reasons physicians say electronic health records (EHRs) have contributed to a decrease in professional satisfaction include poor usability, time-consuming data entry and interference with face-to-face patient care.

Explore how the AMA is helping to improve EHR usability (PDF).

Meaningful Use

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the criteria with which physicians must comply to demonstrate the "meaningful use" (MU) of certified EHRs. The AMA continues to advocate for substantial changes to this program to reduce the burden on physicians.

Learn how Meaningful Use impacts physicians.

Get Involved

Join the AMA Physician Innovation Network, a technology platform that allows physicians who are interested in addressing current challenges in health care to connect with entrepreneurs nationwide.

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