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News & Events in Personalized Medicine

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National Academies Begins Initiative on Human Gene Editing

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has begun an initiative to examine the scientific underpinnings and clinical, ethical, legal and social implications of human gene editing. A multidisciplinary, international committee will issue a comprehensive study  in 2016 with findings and recommendations for the responsible use of human gene editing.

President Obama Announces National Cancer Moonshot

In his 2016 State of the Union address, President Obama announced a new initiative to better understand the molecular underpinnings of cancer and to develop therapies that more effectively treat it. Vice President Biden will lead the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, which coordinates and oversees efforts to implement the Moonshot project. 


AMA Pledges to Help Implement the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

In February 2016, more than 40 private sector organizations, including the AMA, pledged to assist in laying the foundation for the Precision Medicine Initiative. This initiative focuses on improving patients' access to their health data, engaging research participants as partners, improving data sharing, developing data security and privacy principles and applying precision medicine to clinical practice.

The commitment of the AMA is:

The AMA commits to actively working in 2016 to improve patient access to their medical information and helping physicians leverage electronic tools to make health information more readily available, developing and disseminating a range of resources including toolkits, podcasts and fact sheets. The AMA will also improve awareness of the Precision Medicine Initiative among physicians, including: creating articles in AMA digital publications; educational sessions at AMA meetings; emails/posts/tweets through social media channels; and information about the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort and how to volunteer, once enrollment begins.

AMA Joins the AllTrials Initiative

In early 2016, the AMA joined AllTrials, an initiative advocating for the registration of all past, present, and future clinical trials and the public reporting of their full methods and summary results. AMA policy supports the timely dissemination of clinical trial data for public accessibility, improved enforcement deadlines for sharing results from clinical research studies and the expansion of clinical trial registration to improve clinical practice and policy.


Precision Medicine Leaders Summit

The Journal of Precision Medicine will hold the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit on August 10–12, 2016. The objective of the summit is to discuss novel methods for implementing precision medicine through stakeholder partnerships.

Mayo Clinic Individualizing Medicine Conference

On October 5–6, 2016, Mayo Clinic will hold its annual Individualizing Medicine conference, focusing on how to translate the promise of genomic medicine to your practice. Expert speakers, focused breakout sessions, case studies and a poster session provide opportunities to discover and discuss emerging topics in applied genomics.

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