Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI)

Improving patient health outcomes by empowering physicians with the clinically valid health care data needed to make informed clinical decisions.

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Data models: We bring data to life

Validating information models is a unique strength of the AMA, and IHMI’s Clinical Review Process (CRG) ensures that information exchanged is complete, accurate and aligned with the needs of the clinician.

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Developing standards for data exchange

IHMI has been recognized as a leading authority on clinical validation portability standards by the USCDI and will offer data models to the HL7 FHIR open source community as building blocks for a holistic common data model across the industry.

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Providers: Lead a revolution

You’ve spent your whole career documenting clinical encounters into a system. Isn’t it time those systems started to give something back?

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Vendors: Focus on solutions

You want to build the best solution possible without worrying about the underlying data standards. We solve that problem.

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Payers: Leverage more data

You’ve developed extensive data models to understand and predict risk. But what if you had better access to structured, standardized data?

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Partners: Capture the market

You’ve developed models, but what about market adoption? We are developing a platform to get your work evaluated, standardized and adopted.

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28 collaborating organizations

28 collaborating organizations working on projects with IHMI.

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