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The impact of parenthood on residency 5/25/2016

With women comprising one-half of medical school graduates, 2 recent studies examined the experience that residents have when they decide to become parents during training. Find out how common parenthood is and how it impacts men versus women.

5 financial planning tips every young physician should know 5/25/2016

It’s never too early to start saving for your long-term needs, financial planners say. But if you’re still early in your career and training, how can you build a savings habit in the face of medical school debt, day-to-day expenses and the complexity of financial planning?

What successful self-measured blood pressure looks like in practice 5/25/2016

A resident physician gives an inside look at how her medical center implemented self-measured blood pressure monitoring and is engaging patients in the advancement of their own health.

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Residents and fellows are invited to take part in the Convention Committees at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Positions are available in the Rules and Hospitality Committees. For additional information, please contact


Prepare for Practice

Understand Employment Agreements and Hospital Bylaws

Learn how to understand your employment contracts when hiring physicians for your practice or when finding employment with a group practice, hospital or other employment setting.

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Navigating the Transition from Residency to Practice

Find practical tips and tricks to handle the transition from residency to practice. Get strategies on handling financial concerns, balancing stress, preparing your CV and assessing practice options.

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Financial Management

Managing Medical Student Loans

More than 70% of physicians under 40 are dealing with student loan debt. Learn about options for repayment

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Refinancing Student Loans

Discover the benefits of refinancing your student loans. Learn how to get the best refinancing offer, findpersonalized offers and use a simple application process to apply.

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Discounts for Your Personal and Professional Life

Find savings on the things you need during your journey from residency to practice. Save money on car rental, travel and study aids, or find help to organize your personal and professional finances.

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Research & Publications

Treating High Blood Pressure in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with higher levels of blood pressure, which can lead to greater cardiovascular risk. This study looks at the effects of sleep apnea treatments to control blood pressure.

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