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Search, complete and track CME and professional-development activities recognized by state licensing and medical specialty boards, hospital credentialing bodies and other entities. Find online modules, live events and JAMA’s journal-based activities to provide you with clinical, practice and professional resources to continue your medical education.

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Implement strategies to revitalize your practice and improve patient care. Address common practice challenges with a series of how-to resources.

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Avoid reimbursement delays by using CPT coding and medical billing resources. Get comprehensive coding references, online solutions and training tools to help your billing run smoothly.

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Physician Discounts for Practice and Beyond

Access resources and savings that benefit you and your practice with the AMA MVP Program. Find savings on medical supplies, practice financing, travel, auto purchases and many more.

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Protect yourself with specialty-specific disability insurance as a practice owner or an employee physician. Find videos, articles and webinars to help you make educated decisions about your financial security.

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Financial Awareness

Find simple financial advice for your career. Speak with fully-vetted agents and learn about physician-specific benefits, tools and resources to enable you to properly plan for your future.

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Health Care News

How one simple solution helped practices work more efficiently 1/26/2016

Your team may find clear communication and care coordination difficult in a busy practice environment. Find out how a single 10-15 minute addition to the daily schedule helped two physician practices improve team culture, relationships and collaboration to deliver stronger patient care.

Top 4 issues physicians will take to state legislatures in 2016 1/22/2016

Throughout the year ahead, physicians will see some key issues play out across all 50 states as medical associations and policymakers put forth new legislation and protect existing policy on critical components to the practice of medicine. Learn which four issues weigh heavily at the top of the list.

How to prevent diabetes from sneaking up on your patients 1/21/2016

A major health threat has been silently taking hold of 86 million Americans, with 90 percent of them unaware of it. A new public health campaign is about to change that—and you’re the key to helping these patients take their health back.

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Research & Publications

Treating High Blood Pressure in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with higher levels of blood pressure, which can lead to greater cardiovascular risk. This study looks at the effects of sleep apnea treatments to control blood pressure.

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