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Applying for a CPT® License. And License Requirments

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) material is copyrighted by the AMA. Usage requires either a distribution or internal-use license.

The AMA created Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) data over 50 years ago to provide healthcare professionals with a uniform language for medical coding and medical billing. Through an extensive editorial process involving a community of national experts and representatives, CPT material is continually reviewed, revised and updated to reflect changes in medical care.

Use or reprinting of CPT information in any product or publication requires either a distribution or internal-use license. To obtain either, email the completed application form to CPT Intellectual Property Services at Intellectual.PropertyServices@ama-assn.org  or mail it to:

CPT Intellectual Property Services
American Medical Association
330 N. Wabash, Suite 39300
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Distribution Licenses

Distribution licenses provide the nonexclusive right to use CPT data in content-added products (where CPT content is combined with other information). Reprinting of CPT material alone is not permitted.

  • Royalties to use CPT material:
    • Electronic or Internet product: $15.50 per user, per product.
    • Print publication royalty: $15.50 per distributed copy. The CPT data file must be purchased separately.
  • Distribution may be in print, electronic media or over the Internet, but the latter requires use of certain security features.
  • International rights are available.
  • Details regarding royalty reporting and payments are outlined in the distribution license agreement.
  • Reports and payments are due quarterly or semi-annually.
  • A Minimum Annual Royalty Fee is due with the first royalty report and payment covering each calendar year.

Download Distribution License Application Form

Download Distribution License Agreement

Internal-Use Licenses

An internal-use license allows users (file download of CPT data at a single location. However, this license does not allow for redistribution.

  • Royalty is $80 per legal entity, plus $15.50 per user.
  • To obtain a license, a Data File Request form must be completed.  An AMA representative will contact you within 1-3 days after submitting the form.

Download Internal Use License Application Form

Download Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System Internal Use License Application Form

Proper Use

CPT data files are licensed on an individual (as opposed to concurrent) user basis. An individual is a person that directly accesses CPT data (either through a standalone or embedded product) and requires CPT information to perform their job with the product or its output. Definitions of users are included in the licenses.

There are some instances that allow CPT data to be used without a license. Please refer to the U.S. Copyright Laws, Section 107for more information on what's considered fair use.

Marketing Material Usage

When using the CPT name in marketing materials for licensed products, use the registered trademark symbol ("®") after the first appearance of "CPT" in each separate promotional piece. With longer pieces, such as catalogs, the mark must occur at various intervals throughout the document. The words "CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association" should appear on the page where CPT is first used.

"CPT" should be used as an adjective and not a noun. Words such as "code," "book" or "descriptions" must appear following "CPT."

  • Incorrect: CPT provides…
  • Correct: The CPT Book provides…

All marketing and promotional materials that refer to the name, initials or logo of the American Medical Association (AMA) require the prior written approval of the AMA. Statements that products are approved by the AMA or that imply AMA endorsement are not permitted.

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.