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Promoting Appropriate Use of Physicians' Non-English Language Skills in Clinical Care

Communication problems are a key driver of health care disparities. In particular, more than 25 million U.S. residents have limited English proficiency (LEP) and are at risk for language-related miscommunication. Research shows these patients experience more difficulty understanding their treatment plans, are less likely to take their medications correctly, and suffer more medical errors in their care.

Many physicians speak one or more languages other than English, and studies show that patients with LEP who receive care from a bilingual physician have better adherence, lower emergency department use, and higher satisfaction with care. Yet, physicians are extremely heterogeneous in their non-English language skills, ranging from those who speak "a little" of a second language based on high school classes or travel to those who received their medical training in a non-English language. There is little detailed guidance for physicians on the most appropriate ways to use their non-English language skills.

This new report from the Commission to End Health Care Disparities explores these complex issues and provides practical guidance to clinicians, care delivery organizations, and health care systems. It also provides a framework for future research on how physicians can best use their non-English language skills to provide safe, high quality care for patients with LEP.


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