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International Conference on Physician Health™

2010 presentations

The AMA/CMA/BMA International Conference on Physician Health (ICPH) 2010 was held on Oct. 3-5, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois and was a great success.  The theme of the conference was Physician Health and Resiliency in the 21st Century.  Here are some of the highlights of the conference:

  • Over 300 professionals from around the world were in attendance
  • Forty-nine concurrent sessions in the form of oral presentations and workshops were offered
  • Thirty-eight posters were on display
  • Plenary speakers included such experts as Dr. Michael Myers, Dr. Elisabeth Paice and Dr. Richard Gunderman
  • Special workshops for medical families were hosted by the AMA Alliance
  • Over twenty-five physicians participated in the "Walk the Doc" event each morning
  • A total of 15.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ were available

Thank you to all of our colleagues who presented at, or attended this engaging conference.  We appreciate your time and energy.  We hope that you all return to your professions with a renewed spirit and resiliency in order to continue your important work of taking care of yourselves, your patients and/or conducting research.

Materials and Presentations

Conference program

Conference report

Burnout and Peer Support
Physician Health as Linked to Quality and Patient Safety


High-performance quality departments and physician health: What is the chicken and egg?
Arnetz, Julin, Petersson

Avoiding common errors ni physician health research and publication
Frank, Brewster, Puddester, Tyssen, Aasland

Doctors' experience of a bespoke physician consultation service

Promoting resilience: A focus on Australian physicians' health access
Kay, Frank, Mitchell, Clavarino

Delay in seeking help among impaired inpatient physicians
Lusilla, Gual, Bruguera, Casas

Perceived maltreatment and the risk for vehicular and sharp accidents among resident physicians

Health behaviors among physically active Colobian medical students: Results from the Colombian Healthy Doctor = Healthy Patient Project
Norris, Frank, Lobelo

The evolving of physician health programs: Current models, concepts and concerns
Sanchez, Oreskovich, Pendergast, Gundersen

Developing a comprehensive physician wellness program at an academic medical center


Prevalence of latent TB among new hired health care workers in a major tertiary care hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Abbas, AlHamdan, Fiala, AlEnezy, AlQahtani

Employer policies and influenza vaccination coverage among healthcare personnel
Black, Usher-Pines, Harris, Euler

Utilization of 360° feedback model in the assessment, treatment, and monitoring of disruptive behavior in physicians: A data based model
Hemphill, Martin

Physician healthy lifestyle as a core competency

Self-reported stress amongst London doctors in training is associated with self-reported medical error and below average performance as a doctor
Smith, Paice

Development of a chaperone course
Wright, Mazurek, Barron

Workplace Wellness Interventions: Resilience and Work-life Balance
Physical and Mental Health and Well-being


The health and well-being of retired doctors in Norway compared to the general population
Aasland, Bringedal

Positive sobriety: A manualized approach to addiction treatment

What residents tell us about their health and well-being

Intake factors related to relapse risk for professionals in a substance dependence monitoring program
Brewster, Kaufmann, MacWilliam

Substance use and attitudes on professional conduct among medical students: Preliminary findings
Choi, Toulokhonova, Socha, Samenow

Biopsychosocial problems affecting doctors in the UK and regulatory and non-regulatory response
Cohen, Dobson, Rhydderch

Health status of Canadian physicians and the effect on patients

A large objective study of the association between doctors' personal health practitioners and those of their patients
Frank, Dresner, Vinker

A mental health strategy for physicians in Canada
Gautam, Watkins, Yungblut

Medical school predictors of severe depressive symptoms: A 15-year longitudinal, nationwide study among Norwegian physicians
Grotmol, Tyssen

Prevalence, predictors and treatment of depression in medical internship
Guille, Grant, Speller, Sen

Using mind-body medicine skills to reduce stress and promote wellness in medical school
Haramati, Harazduk

Who cares for doctors? Medical practitioners with substance use disorders in an Australian physicians' health program
Jenkins, Frei, Whelan, Wile

What's up doc? A large five-year audit of physician consultations in the occupational health department of a large UK teaching hospital
Kemp, Major

WIN-ing the battle: he fine art of the work-life balance

CREW: Civility, Respect and Engagement @ Work
Leiter, Speigel

Job satisfaction, work ability and life satisfaction among Finnish anesthesiologists
Lindfors, Leino, Elovainio, Nurmi

The dually diagnosed physician: Special issues in the management of co-occuring addiction and psychiatric illness among physicians

Predicting the psychological health of medical residents: The contribution of Self-Determination Theory
Moreau, Mageau

Work hours and self-rated health of hospital doctors in Norway and Germany: A comparative study on national samples
Rosta, Aasland

Integrating professionalism and wellness curriculum into graduate medical education: A tale of two countries
Samenow, Edwards, Puddester, Swiggart

For body and soul: Psychosocial risks and resources in physicians and pastors in Germany
Voltmer, Spahn


Physician stress resulting from medico-legal difficulties

Sucide attempts and suicidal ideation in health caregivers: Data from the Barcelona Integrated Care Program for Physicians and Nurses
Braquehais, Bel, Marcos, Lusilla

Treating mental health issues in medical students: challenges and rewards
Brazeau, Schroeder

Relationships between medical student burnout, empathy and professionalism climate: A challenge for the medical school curriculum
Brazeau, Schroeder, Rovi, Boyd

Physician impairment curriculum in GME: Who offers what?
Brotherton, Filstead

Four years wiser: Applying data to advance the activities of an office of resident wellness
Edwards, Hurst, Healy, Underhill

Emotional wellness for physician health

Job turnover among Finnish anesthesiologists
Lindfors, Nurmi, Elovainio, Leino

On-call stress among physicians
Lindfors, Nurmi, Elovainio, Leino

Suicidality among Finnish anesthesiologist
Lindfors, Nurmi, Elovainio, Leino

Workplace interruptions: Associations with adverse health and professional outcomes among physicians and nurses
Maghout-Juratli, Janisse, Arnetz, Shokr, Jamil

Promoting resilience and well-being in medical students, residents and physicians in practice
Nedrow, Haramati, Grady-Weliky

Utilization of mental health services and barriers to accessing care in medical students with suicidal ideation - prelimiary findings
Toulokhonova, Choi, Socha, Samenow

PostureMD: Aligning doctors for success

The physician in crisis

Plenary Speakers