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Meeting Presentations

View presentations from the following PCPI meetings:

April 14-15, 2016

Meeting agenda


Oct. 28-29, 2015
March 5-6, 2015
Oct. 22-23, 2014
March 6-7, 2014
Nov. 20, 2013

National Quality Registry Network (NQRN) Meeting

Available presentations

NQRN Data Security for Registries
Daniel Campion, MBA

U.S. Clinical Data Registries Frequently Asked Questions
Dana Richardson, RN, MHA

The Registry of Patient Registries, Registries Handbook
Jean Slutsky

Oct. 23-24, 2013
April 4-5, 2013
Oct. 24-25, 2012

PCPI 2.0: A New Role in Quality Improvement

Agenda Oct. 24, 2012
Agenda Oct. 25, 2012

Meeting summary

Available Presentations

Member Educational Session: Managing the Measure Lifecycle
Moderator: Greg Wozniak, PhD
Samantha Tierney, MPH
Kendra Hanley, MS
Keri Christensen, MS

PCPI Orientation – Overview, Governance and Operations
Janet Rosenberg, MBA
PCPI Senior Communications Specialist, American Medical Association

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Bernard M. Rosof, MD, MACP

Strategies and Tactics for the Road Ahead
Timothy G. Ferris, MD, MPH

PCPI Vision and Strategic Focus Areas
Karen Kmetik, PhD

Panel: Strategies to Enhance Transitions in Care

Strategies to Enhance Transitions in Care
Moderator: Jonathan R. Sugarman, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACPM

Hospital Engagement Network Strategies to Enhance Care Transitions
David G. Schulke

e-Referrals/Collaborative Model for Referrals
Hal F. Yee, Jr., MD, PhD

Building Out the Medical Neighborhood Using Care Compacts
Karen Frederick-Gallegos

Improving Care Coordination in a Triple AIM Diabetes Initiative
Jose F. "Paco" Arrascue, MD

Panel: National Quality Improvement Initiatives

The Triple Aim: Local Action, National (and International) Learning
Moderator: Carol Beasley, MPPM

National Quality Improvement Initiatives at the American Academy of Pediatrics
Ramesh C. Sachdeva, MD, PhD, DBA, JD, FAAP

Moving from Measurement to Improvement
Bruce A. Bagley, MD, FAAFP

Transforming Care at the Bedside
Amanda Stefancyk, RN, MSN, MBA, CNML

March 28-29, 2012

National Quality Strategy: Energizing Physicians and Propelling Performance Improvement


Meeting summary

Available Presentations

PCPI Orientation – Overview, Governance and Operations
Janet Rosenberg

PCPI Update
Karen Kmetik, PhD

What the Government is Doing to Align Federal Programs

Bringing the National Quality Strategy to Life

Oct. 20-21, 2011

Agenda - Thursday, Oct. 20

Agenda - Friday, Oct. 21

Meeting summary

Available Presentations

PCPI Member Education Program
Maintaining and Refining the PCPI Measure Development Process: Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

PCPI Orientation – Overview, Governance and Operations
Dana Richardson, Janet Rosenberg

Kaiser Permanente Implant Registries: Enhancing Patient Safety & Quality of Care
Elizabeth W. Paxton

PCPI Membership Update & Dialogue on the PCPI Strategic Direction

National Quality Registry Network (NQRN) Task Force

Overuse: Finding Effective Solutions to Improve Quality

March 10-11, 2011

View meeting agenda

PCPI member meeting highlights

Improving Patient Centered Outcomes
Don Goldmann, MD

PCPI Member Engagement Qualitative Research Results
Dana Richardson, RN, MHA

Measure Development and Enhancement
Samantha Tierney, MPH

PCPI Testing Overview
Keri Christensen, MS
Bridget Gulotta, MSN, MBA

Educational Session

Defining Quality Measures in the EHR World: Fundamentals of eSpecifications
Kendra Hanley, MS
Delane Heldt, PMP
Maggie Lohnes, RN
Stephanie Moncado, MS
Marjorie Rallins, DPM