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Independent Measure Development Process


The AMA-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement® (PCPI®) promotes collaborative development of evidence-based clinical performance measures by convening topic-specific expert work groups with multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary representation ("PCPI process").

For PCPI members choosing to develop measures through a process other than the PCPI's, a means for including PCPI representation and requesting PCPI review and approval of the completed measures is available ("independent measure development process"). 

The independent measure development process aims to enable the PCPI to strengthen its support for the independent initiatives of its members while also meeting its obligation to uphold the methodology, consistency, and broad-based support for all clinical measures.

Eligibility Requirements for Independent Measure Develpment Process

Please review the following summary of the requirements for PCPI approval of measures developed through the independent measure development process:

  • Developer must be full voting member of PCPI
  • Developer must invite PCPI representation on the measure development panel at the beginning of the measure development process. Appropriate PCPI representation will be determined by the PCPI Executive Committee (EC) and may include PCPI staff member(s) and/or PCPI representative(s) with relevant clinical or methodologic experience
  • Developer must defer publication of completed measures until the PCPI review process is completed
  • The external development process must include all elements of the PCPI measure development methodology, including:
    • Multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary representation on the measure development panel
    • Consideration of all relevant clinical guidelines
    • Consideration of evidence ranking and strength of recommendation statements
    • Development of technical specifications
    • Consideration of potential use of measures for accountability
    • Solicitation of public comments for at least 30 days including notification to PCPI members that public comment period is open
    • Timeline and procedures for periodic review, update and maintenance of measures

Complete listing of requirements for process

Guidance for requesting PCPI review and approval of measures developed independently by PCPI voting members

Sample Legal Agreement for Independent Measure Development