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USAN Staff Contacts

Please use the following contact information to ask general questions about the USAN process

For questions regarding:

  • scope of USAN
  • the name selection process
  • correct application of stems
  • INN review procedure
  • cell therapy and gene therapy applications

Please contact:
Stephanie C. Shubat, Director
Secretary to the USAN Council
(312) 464-4045

For questions regarding:

  • monoclonal antibodies
  • organic radicals, counterions and solvent molecules
  • general information on stems
  • contact lens applications
  • USAN Modified applications

Please contact:
Gail Karet, Scientist
Associate Secretary to the USAN Council
(312) 464-5352

For questions regarding:

  • publications
  • USAN website inquiries
  • USAN procedural inquiries
  • publication deferments
  • USAN revised applications

Please contact:
Brad Wells, Research Associate
Assistant Secretary to the USAN Council

For questions regarding:

  • payments
  • electronic fund transfers
  • electronic application submissions
  • payment and application address
  • general status of applications
  • general administrative inquiries

Please contact: 
Mary Haynes, Staff Assistant
Administrative Secretary to the USAN Council
(312) 464-4046

USAN Program general e-mail: USAN@ama-assn.org
USAN Program main fax number:  (312)464-4028