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Application forms

Please see the USAN application policy effective March 15, 2007 before completing and submitting these applications.  In addition, application requirements have been established for biologics.  Please review these requirements and include with your application materials.

(Once the USAN Council initiates the application review, refunds are no longer possible.)

It is the policy of the USAN Program that firms should apply for a non-proprietary drug name through their national nomenclature program first. In the United States of America this national agency is the USAN Program.

In addition to being policy, there are benefits associated with applying for a USAN before an INN.

Benefits of Applying for a USAN First:

1) Clearance by the USAN Council (USANC) before the name is submitted to the INN Experts.

2) USAN staff files the INN application on your behalf. We have done hundreds of INN applications, and we are very experienced and know all the ins and outs of this process. Additionally, we know how to present the case for a specific name, to which the USANC has agreed, having done this so many times before.

3) Less time to an adopted USAN; USAN's are adopted after the INN Expert Review period expires and before the name appears in a INN published list.

4) Assistance from USAN staff in coming up with suitable prefixes and name alternatives.

5) Accessibility/consultations with staff for applicants on stem choices.

6) Continuous balloting throughout the year. USANC review is not limited to biannual meetings.

Please submit one of the following forms to apply for a USAN:

Form A: USAN application for single entity drug and salt form

Form B: USAN application for single entity drug

Form C: USAN modified application

Form D: USAN revised application 

Form E: USAN application for contact lens material 

New Form F: USAN application for Monoclonal Antibodies, Gene Therapies, Cellular and Non-Cellular Therapies