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About Us

USAN Council
The United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council serves health professions of the United States by selecting simple, informative and unique nonproprietary names for drugs by establishing logical nomenclature classifications based on pharmacological and/or chemical relationships.  The USAN Council is comprised of five members, one from each of the sponsoring organizations-the AMA, APhA and USP-and one from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as a member-at-large. One member is nominated to the USAN Council annually by each sponsoring organization; the FDA nominates one liaison member annually, and the member-at-large is selected by the sponsoring organizations from a list of candidates proposed by the AMA, APhA, and the USP. The nominees to the Council must be approved annually by the three sponsoring organizations.  Individual members may serve up to ten consecutive years.

Much of the Council's work on negotiating a USAN is handled through rounds of balloting via correspondence. The USAN Council and staff meets semiannually, to discuss outstanding negotiations, new items of interest, and policy issues.

USAN Review Board
In 1962, the USAN Review Board was established as the final arbiter of nomenclature disputes between the USAN Council and applicants when normal procedures have failed. Each sponsoring organization nominates two members to the Review Board annually; nominations must be approved annually by the Boards of Trustees of the other sponsoring organizations. No term limits have been placed on member's participation on the Review Board. Determinations of the Review Board are final and not subject to appeal.

USAN Council Meeting Summaries
This section provides summaries of the USAN Council meetings.