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Current Topics

Advances in genetic technologies are creating new applications for medicine. This site provides background information on the areas of genetics that have the potential to affect medicine most profoundly.

Learn more about basic genetics and genetics policy issues

Genetic testing
Genetic testing refers to the ability to analyze DNA sequence to detect mutations that may cause or increase risk for disease.

This determines what the right medicine is for the individual patient based upon the small genetic variations that can be measured by genetic testing.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing
Some genetic tests are now being offered directly to consumers, without the involvement of a physician.  The AMA has publicly stated that it believes genetic testing should be carried out under the guidance of a qualified physician or genetic counselor.  This Q&A briefs physicians on the topic and provides answers to common questions about direct-to-consumer genetic tests.

Proteomics is the large-scale study of the way in which proteins control cellular behavior.  Proteins are encoded by genes, therefore proteomics is closely linked to genomics.