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Ethics Group Internship Program

The Ethics Group recruits undergraduate and graduate student interns to work at the AMA Headquarters in Chicago on an ongoing basis for summer, fall, and winter/spring semesters. Internships are unpaid but participants will receive course credit for their work in accordance with the requirements of their academic program. Past interns have typically been law students, medical students, and undergraduates with an interest in bioethics, philosophy, religion, biology, or other life sciences.

Interns provide support for ongoing projects and initiatives in the Ethics Group. Interns are asked to conduct research on a wide variety of medical ethics issues which contribute to the formation of AMA ethics policy and other research projects related to the Code of Medical Ethics. Work may include researching legal, medical, or ethics literature and other resources; organizing and summarizing research material; and handling telephone inquiries or written correspondence. Interns also have the opportunity to attend faculty seminars and interact with a diverse range of professionals working in bioethics at a professional medical association. Past interns have obtained positions in private health law firms, health care consulting firms, and health related graduate programs.

Program specifications require candidates be enrolled in academic course work, receiving academic credit, at the time they serve as an intern.

To apply, candidates should submit the following items to Thomas Wagner: a resume; a cover letter; and a short writing sample illustrative of ethics or health-related work or a 500-word explanation of your interest in bioethics and your desire to work at the American Medical Association.

Applicants will be contacted only if they are qualified for an interview.

Deadlines and term dates:

Fall Internship

  • Applications Due: Early July
  • Term Dates: Early September thru mid December

Winter/Spring Internship

  • Applications Due: Early November
  • Term Dates: Early January thru mid April

Summer Internship

  • Applications Due: Late February
  • Term Dates: Early May thru mid August

Summer 2013 Interns:

Yesenia Perez is a law student at DePaul University College of Law. She received her BA in Biological Sciences and Spanish Linguistics at Rutgers University. Yesenia is originally from New Jersey and moved to Chicago to pursue a career in Health Law. As a DePaul College of Law Summer Scholar, her primary research focus this summer is on the Code of Medical Ethics. Yesenia hopes to spend time analyzing and answering difficult ethical questions about patient care and the legal ramifications and consequences to these philosophical dilemmas.
Clinton Wang is a biomedical engineering major at Yale University who is interested in the intersection of law, medicine and communications. At Yale, he has taken courses in both law and medicine, and began exploring bioethics as a field that unites those disciplines. As a researcher in Yale's Blumenfeld Lab and reporter for the Yale Daily News, Clinton also enjoys investigative research and writing, and hopes that the AMA will provide him with opportunities to engage those skills in the study of bioethics.

Winter/Spring 2012-13 Intern:

Primi Ranola is a free-standing graduate student at Northwestern's MA program in Medical Humanities and Bioethics. Prior to graduate school, Primi received her BA in Biology and Bioethics from the University of Rochester and worked as a Research Associate in the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. As a summer intern at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics, her primary research focus is on defining death and futility in clinical settings. Before attending medical school, she hopes her time with the AMA will be well spent answering many deep-seated philosophical questions about patient care and patient rights.