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Opinion 3.09 - Medical Students Performing Procedures on Fellow Students

(1) In the context of learning basic clinical skills, medical students must be asked specifically to consent to procedures being performed by fellow students. The stringency of standards for ensuring the explicit and non-coerced informed consent increases as the invasiveness and intimacy of the procedure increase.

(2) Instructors should explain to students how the procedures will be performed, making certain that students are not placed in situations that violate their privacy or sense of propriety. The confidentiality, consequences, and appropriate management of a diagnostic finding should also be discussed.

(3) Students should be given the choice of whether to participate prior to entering the classroom and there should be no requirement that the students provide a reason for their unwillingness to participate.

(4) Students should not be penalized for refusal to participate. Thus instructors must refrain from evaluating students’ overall performance in terms of their willingness to volunteer as "patients." (IV, V)

Issued June 2000 based on the report "Medical Students Performing Procedures on Fellow Students," adopted December 1999.