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Medical Books: AMA Code of Medical Ethics - Physician's Ethics Guide

Code of Medical Ethics, 2014-2015

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For more than 165 years, the Code of Medical Ethics has been the authoritative ethics guide on medical professionalism. The Code speaks to the enduring values of medicine as a profession. As a statement of the values to which physicians commit themselves individually and collectively, the Code is the standard for medicine as a professional community.

Addressing the professional challenges faced by physicians today, the Code of Medical Ethics presents guidance through more than 200 ethical opinions, including:

  • Physician obligation in disaster preparedness and response
  • Physician participation in interrogations
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Electronic mail and health-related online sites

An essential companion for physicians and other medical professionals, attorneys, and patients who contend with the challenging issues and choices inherent in modern medicine, this resource has been increasingly looked to for legal advocacy, decision making in matters of health care law and litigation, and development of health care policy.

New and updated features

New Opinions providing ethical guidance for physicians with respect to:

  • Physician Responsibilities for Safe Patient Discharge from Health Care Facilities
  • Physician Stewardship of Health Care Resources

Opinions amending and updating AMA ethics policy on:

  • Confidential Care for Minors
  • Continuing Medical Education

E-books on your electronic device
Get lifetime access to Code of Medical Ethics, 2014-2015! The downloadable e-book provides on-the-go access on any electronic device that supports the ePub format, such as a PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nook and Sony Reader.

E-book features include:

  • Simple navigation—use the table of contents or enter a page number to take you to the desired information
  • Search by keyword or phrase—searched terms are highlighted within the text
  • Bookmarks and Notes—quickly find pertinent information within the e-book
  • Platform independence—access content on up to six different devices
  • Adobe Digital Editions bookshelves—help you organize and keep track of the titles you have downloaded

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