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Performance Improvement

Increasing Physician's Performance Improvement

Addressing the increasingly visible issues surrounding physician performance measurement and reporting (including initiatives being implemented by payers, and public concerns about patient safety) is an AMA priority.

To deal with the demand for performance measures coming from all stakeholders involved in the delivery and receipt of payment for health care, the AMA brings together physicians of all specialties to develop evidence-based measures of clinical quality. It is imperative that physicians be leaders in defining quality.

Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement® (PCPI™)-developed measures, now numbering more than 280, each include a detailed description along with coding specifications and easy-to-use worksheets. Electronic health records systems are being encouraged to incorporate the measures, which are endorsed by the National Quality Forum™ and selected by the AQA alliance.

On behalf of its members, the AMA also takes a clear position on linking quality care assessment to assessing efficiencies and cost of care.