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New Prescription Medicine Is Available to Help Lower Cholesterol

Learn more about how PCSK9 inhibitors work to help lower cholesterol and their effect on improving cardiovascular outcomes.

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Solving America’s opioid crisis: Remember the patient 1/25/2016

Physicians, medical organizations and public health experts all have shared reasons the opioid overdose epidemic must be top of mind in the medical world, and it comes down to one focus—the patient. Learn expert recommendations that can lead the way to making patient-focused pain management possible.

In patient-centered care, where does family fit? 1/12/2016

The opinions of family members can affect a patient’s decisions about their medical care, but how can a physician respect the wishes of the patient while also including the patient’s family members who play a role in major life decisions, such as care planning? Learn more.

Physician bestseller discusses consequences of tech in the exam room 1/13/2016

Abraham Verghese, MD, senior associate chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine and New York Times bestselling author, recently spoke to a group of physician leaders about the ritual of the physical exam and the need to reclaim time with patients while keeping pace in the 21st century.

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