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2013-2014 MSSOP Recruiter Calendar

May 2013

Register as a recruiter

  • 2013–2014 MSSOP kickoff and recruiter sign-up
  • Set up your recruitment profile and order your recruitment kit and incentives

June 2013

AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) Annual Meeting, Chicago, June 13–15

  • Recruiter training session at Annual
  • Recruiter training session Webinar (to occur after the session at Annual)

July 2013

Recruiting preparation

  • Request an incoming first-year student class list from your school’s student affairs/administrative office
  • Develop a plan for recruitment. Meet with fellow section leaders at your school and develop an agenda for the activities fair and beyond.
  • Begin planning a “Succeed in Medical School with the AMA” event or other recruitment events. (Tell me more.)
  • If your school permits it, place a welcome letter, event flyer, recruiter contact flyer and/or applications in student mailboxes. Be sure to include your contact information so the applications make it back to you.

August–October 2013

Fall membership recruitment

November 2013

Fall commission deadline: Nov. 8

  • Membership applications applied to your section’s first commission check must be received by this date.
  • Share your voice—watch your email for our MSSOP survey and tell us how we can improve the program.

AMA-MSS Interim Meeting, Maryland Nov. 14–16

  • MSSOP recruiter workshop will cover event ideas, program improvements, questions and answers, and more.

December 2013

  • Fall commission checks are distributed to eligible sections.
  • Spring recruitment information is distributed to recruiters.

January 2014

Spring membership recruitment begins Jan. 1

March–April 2014

AMA-MSS Advocacy Day at the National Advocacy Conference and MSSOP Recruiter Focus Group

Spring commission deadline: March 28

  • Membership applications applied to your section’s second commission check must be received by this date.

Transition for following year

  • Identify your recruiter replacement and set up a meeting to transition recruiter responsibilities. Send his or her name and contact information to MSSOP staff.
  • Return unused Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards or Rapid Review Pathology. Access the UPS Return Instructions document found in your recruitment kit. Do not hold onto unused incentives for the incoming recruiter.

May 2014

Program ends

  • Spring commission checks are distributed to eligible sections.