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FREIDA Online® Services

Program and institution search
FREIDA Online users can search for ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs and training institutions by choosing or entering specialties and locations, as well as keywords. Alternatively, they can search by program ID number to locate a specific program. The same is true for institutions. AMA members can save their program search results in either the Comparison List or Dashboard tools.

Comparison List
FREIDA Online users can compare multiple training programs based on key points of information, using the Comparison List. AMA members can save their comparisons for future use, and add programs of special interest to their Dashboard.


AMA members can use the Dashboard to store and notate selected programs from their search results. You can --

  • View and compare program information
  • Add personal notes and contact details
  • Store personal ratings and opinions on programs

Access to enhanced FREIDA Online tools
An AMA account is necessary to access any search feature on FREIDA Online, but anyone can have an AMA account -- AMA membership is not necessary. AMA membership is required to save programs into the Comparison List, or to access the Dashboard. AMA members also have access to savings on products and subscriptions through the AMA Store as well as other AMA services.

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Program basic information updates
Program directors and staff are encouraged to modify basic program data throughout the year. Learn more about editing information for your program on the Resources for Program Directors page.

Open residency positions
Program directors can post and residents can find listings of open residency positions on the AMA's web site.  Please go to the Resident and Fellows Section for more information.