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Physician Re-entry

The AMA defines physician re-entry as "a return to clinical practice in the discipline in which one has been trained or certified following an extended period of clinical inactivity not resulting from discipline or impairment." (See more facts on physician re-entry.)

The issue of physician re-entry into the workforce is growing in importance. Anecdotal evidence indicates that re-entry into the workforce will affect women more often than men (and the numbers of women entering medical school continue to grow), but this is an issue that cuts across genders and specialties.

To address this concern, a number of organizations and individuals are collaborating to examine re-entry and create guidelines, recommendations, and strategies to assist physicians and ensure access to care for patients. The AMA, through its Council on Medical Education (CME), continues to play an active role in this regard.

Also, check out a new toolkit from the American Academy of Pediatrics for physicians seeking re-entry into medicine, as well as the website of the Physician Re-entry into the Workforce Project

Re-entry Programs

Note: This list is for informational purposes only. A listing here does not indicate endorsement by the AMA.