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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

When it comes to continuing medical education (CME) activities, the AMA has the right physician resources to help today's busy physicians meet their professional needs. CME activities can be searched below by topic or format to see what is currently available.

Please note that when selecting CME activities, physicians should be certain the credit is being awarded by an accredited CME provider. Consult the AMA Physician's Recognition Award (PRA) booklet for a full explanation of the guidelines that must be followed when AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ is designated for a CME activity.

CME by Format

Enduring Material

Performance Improvement CME

Journal CME

CME by Topic

Colorectal Cancer
Management of Stable COPD

EHR: Top 10 improvements needed to support integrated care

Understanding the Code of Medical Ethics: Boundaries for Physicians

What Practicing Physicians Need to Know About the New AMA Policy: Professionalism in the Health Care Systems

Health Care Trends
Global Health Care: Health Care Trends

Health Care Resources and Physician Payment: Health Care Trends

Health Economics: Health Care Trends

Health Status of the U.S. population: Health Care Trends

Medical Education: Health Care Trends

Medical Practice and Quality: Health Care Trends

Public Health Infrastructure: Health Care Trends

Science and technology in medicine: Health Care Trends

Healthy Lifestyles
Promoting Healthy Families

Health Services Advisory Group
Health Services Advisory Group IHO: BP Kickoff: Prepare for Your Journey, August 14, 2015, AZ

Body Mass Index PI CME Pilot Activity
Stage A: Learning from current practice performance assessment

Stage B: Learning from the application of PI to patient care

Stage C: Learning from the evaluation of the PI CME effort

The Nuts and Bolts of Achieving HIPAA Security Rule Compliance through Effective Risk Assessment

Organized Medical Staff Section
A global perspective on accountable care organizations

Care Delivery and Payment: Professional Satisfaction/Sustainability

Engaging Patients to Take Charge of their Health Care through Motivational Interviewing

ICD-10: Key actions for practices to prepare for the regulatory mandate

Leadership and the AMA Code of Medical Ethics

Lessons Learned from Newly Integrated Medical Practices: Two Case Studies

Negotiating your employment contract

Organized Medical Staff Section Webcast

Physician Leadership during Challenging Times

Physician Quality Scoring Metrics, Interpretation and Implications

Physicians Leading Change for Better Outcomes

Primer on the Medicare Hospital Conditions of Participations (CoPs): Medical staff leadership in hospital manners

Principles for Physician Employment

Quality, access, and cost: Iproving health care through physician-led interprofessional care teams

Role of the Physician as a Leader in Patient Safety and Quality: Aligning Medical Staff and Hospital Interests for Better Outcomes

Win-Win-Win Approaches to Accountable Care: How physicians, hospitals, patients, and payers can all benefit from changes in the way we pay for and deliver health care

Patient Experience
Patient Experience: The Physician's Role

Physician Employment
Principles for Physician Employment

Physician-led Clinical Integration
Are we there yet? On the road to physician-led clinical integration

Practice Transformation
Practice Transformation Series: Electronic Health Record Selection and Purchase

Practice Transformation Series: Electronic Health Record Implementation

Practice Transformation Series: Improving Blood Pressure

Practice Transformation Series: Lean Health Care

Practice Transformation Series: Medication Adherence

Practice Transformation Series: Panel Management

Practice Transformation Series: Pre-visit Laboratory Testing

Practice Transformation Series: Physician Burnout

Practice Transformation Series: Collaborative Documentation

Practice Transformation Series: Expanded Rooming and Discharge Protocols

Practice Transformation Series: Pre-visit Planning

Practice Transformation Series: Preventing Type 2

Practice Transformation Series: Synchronized, Bundled Prescription Renewal Process

Practice Transformation Series: Resiliency

Practice Transformation Series: Team Culture

Practice Transformation Series: Team Meetings

Prediabetes PI CME Stage A: Learning from current practice performance assessment

Prediabetes PI CME Stage B: Learning from the application of PI to patient care

Prediabetes PI CME Stage C: Learning from the evaluation of the PI CME effort

Primary Care
AMA Therapeutic Insights

Quality Metrics
Quality Metrics: How to manage within a complex environment

Senior Physicians
The Aging Physician: Opportunities and Challenges

Urinary Tract Infection
Managing Acute Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections