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AMA Financial Aid

This page provides a comprehensive list of AMA financial aid resources, including information about medical education financing and student debt, as well as information on a variety of scholarships and service opportunities. Also, there are a number of other AMA resources here that are intended to aid medical students in locating and securing financial aid.

Please use the information presented on this page in conjunction with the assistance of a financial aid officer or with the guidance of a trained financial aid professional.

AMA Foundation
The AMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the AMA. Founded in 1950, the Foundation's mission is to advance health care through support of programs in medical education, research and public health. As part of its commitment to medical education, the Foundation offers a number of scholarships for medical students.

AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship
Each year, the AMA Foundation awards Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships on the basis of academic achievement and/or financial need to rising fourth-year medical students.

AMA Foundation Minority Scholars Award
Offered in collaboration with the AMA Minority Affairs Section and the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative, the AMA Foundation's Minority Scholars Award is given annually to ten rising second- or third-year medical students of minority backgrounds.

The Arthur N. Wilson, MD Scholarship
The AMA Foundation awards this scholarship yearly to a medical student who grew up in Southeast Alaska .

FAQs about the AMA Foundation's Scholarship Programs

AMA Medical Student Section (MSS)
The AMA Medical Student Section, with nearly 50,000 members, is the largest and most influential organization of medical students in the country. Managing medical student debt is among the top priorities of the MSS, which is dedicated to providing its members with information and other resources to help them finance their medical education.

Medical Student Debt
Learn more about medical student debt, why the issue is so important, and what the AMA and MSS are doing about it.

MSS Internships and Fellowships
The MSS offers its members a number of internship and fellowship opportunities covering a wide range of academic and policy interests.

AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS)
The AMA Minority Affairs Section provides a national forum for advocacy on minority health issues and minority physicians' and medical students' professional concerns. The issue of medical education financing is important to the MAS, especially with respect to its ultimate effect on minority representation in medicine.

MAS Funding, Grants and Educational Programs
Resources for medical education fellowships, training, and funding opportunities for minority students.

MAS Future Physicians Site
Information and resources on medical school issues, and on becoming a physician, for minority students considering a career in medicine.

AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS)
The AMA Women Physicians Section is devoted to increasing the number, voice, and influence of women physicians, providing a forum for women in medicine, advancing advocacy and understanding of women's health issues, and enhancing professional options for balancing family/career responsibilities.

Joan F. Giambalvo Memorial Scholarship
The AMA Women Physicians Section Joan F. Giambalvo Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually, seeks innovative research proposals focusing on professional work/practice issues that affect women physicians and medical students.