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Evaluating and negotiating payment options

Do you know whether you can afford the bundled payment you are being offered by a payer that has traditionally paid you fee-for-service? Would you actually get a bonus if you participated in another payer’s shared savings program?

As complex as it is to manage fee-for-service payments, payments based on a "budget"—that is, a prediction of how much it will cost to treat a particular patient population or a particular condition—raise a host of issues that physicians must understand to successfully negotiate the evolving payment environment.

Evaluating and Negotiating Emerging Payment Options

For an overview of the manual and how it can help you evaluate, negotiate, and manage budget-based payment systems, including payment bundling, pay-for-performance, withholds and risk pools, capitation and shared savings, please view this 12-minute introductory webinar.  You can also view the in-depth version of this webinar, which goes into more detail on each of the manual's chapters, in addition to providing an overview of the manual and its concepts.

Developed by the AMA and experts in physician payment issues, this series of resources discusses each of the various payment options physicians are now being offered and sets forth the key issues physicians must consider when determining whether to agree to a particular payment system, how to determine a fair price and how to reconcile any payments received to ensure that they are accurate. Topics addressed include:

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