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Grassroots Advocacy

Legislative Update: On March 31, the Senate passed H.R. 4302, the “Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014,” which postpones the imminent 24 percent Medicare physician payment cut for 12 months, until April 1, 2015. The House passed an identical version of the bill by voice vote on March 27. The AMA and many other physician organizations, including over 80 state medical societies and national specialty societies, sent a letter on March 26 urging members of the House of Representatives to vote against the bill. The AMA sent a similar letter of strong opposition to the Senate on March 28. The AMA opposed the bill because its passage cast aside a year-long bipartisan, bicameral effort to develop comprehensive Medicare physician payment reforms that were supported by over 600 medical organizations. Read a brief summary of the provisions of H.R. 4302, and access a full summary of H.R. 4302 for additional information.

Be sure to visit FixMedicareNow.org for the latest information and resources on the AMA's efforts to engage physicians, patients and policymakers in the effort to repeal the flawed Medicare SGR formula and achieve reform that will transform Medicare into an effective, 21st century model of care.

SGR talking points

Please convey the following points to your representative and senators:

  • Tell your members of Congress today that now is the time to enact repeal;
  • The SGR formula is widely acknowledged to be a policy failure. The SGR has forced Congress to intervene 17 times since 2003 to prevent steep payment cuts and preserve seniors’ access to care;
  • Repealing the SGR is the fiscally responsible choice. More money has been spent on short-term interventions that supported this failed policy than the cost of the legislation pending in Congress today;
  • It is time to establish new payment methods that will support the health care delivery systems that Medicare patients and American taxpayers deserve;

Grassroots smartphone app

The AMA and the Physicians' Grassroots Network (PGN) have unveiled a new grassroots mobile application to aid physicians’ ability to influence Congress. This new app has been designed to not only assist you while visiting Capitol Hill, but also serve as an advocacy tool when interacting with legislators back home.

The app is now available for download and use on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

App features include:
  • An interactive Capitol Hill office directory with office location numbers, phone, fax and additional contact information for your US Representative and Senators.
  • A built-in email and phone action alert tool which will be functional year round so that you can respond to the latest activity on Capitol Hill.
  • Access to timely talking points on our most critical issues and a real-time online feedback form to report back on your interactions with legislators.

Download the app today and stay tuned for additional features and updates in 2013!