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Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability

As the nation's health care system continues to evolve, the American Medical Association is dedicated to helping physicians navigate the environment successfully by ensuring sustainable physician practices that result in good health outcomes for patients and greater professional satisfaction for physicians.

The AMA is investing significant resources in evaluating a path to long-term sustainability of and satisfaction with medical practice through effective care delivery and payment. Through research, data, and analytics we are identifying effective delivery and payment models that lead to improvements in the quality of care for our patients, controlling health care costs for the nation, and professional satisfaction.

The goals of this initiative are to:

  • PROMOTE successful models in both the public and private sectors
  • CREATE tools that enable physicians to adopt proven models that fit with their respective practices, regardless of size
  • WORK with hospitals and health plans to incorporate our findings and tools into their own operational models
  • REMAIN engaged in shaping government policy and legislation that incentivizes and enables proven models

As a first step, the AMA engaged RAND Health, a respected national health care research firm, to conduct a study to better understand which delivery and payment models promote satisfaction and sustainability in different practice settings, and to identify critical factors of success.

The RAND field research now provides empirical evidence that can inform AMA policies and shape AMA services that enable physicians to thrive well into the future.

The AMA is committed not only to establishing this evidence, but identifying, creating and supporting physicians with the needed resources to thrive in the evolving health care environment.

We will build on the momentum for the adoption of appropriate delivery and payment models in both the public and private sector and encourage their implementation by organizations seeking to attract physicians.

This work builds on the AMA’s ongoing federal and state legislative activities to shape better payment and delivery models for physicians and patients, which we believe strongly will bridge to a more stable environment that better serves physicians and the patients under our care.

Fundamentals for a better system include:

  • Development of best practices for delivery that improve outcomes and health, increase productivity, and save lives and money
  • Adoption of payment policies that reflect the diversity of physician services, levels of clinical integration and risk
  • Identification of options that allow physicians to choose models that fit their mode of practice

By identifying and supporting current and emerging payment and delivery models that work best for physicians across a variety of practice settings, the AMA will play a vital role in helping physicians provide high-quality care in a sustainable environment and in a professionally satisfying manner.

Learn more about the AMA's work on delivery and payment.


Shaping Delivery and Payment Models