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Services and publications

The AMA is recognized world-wide for providing data services and publications to organizations, agencies, and individuals interested in accessing physician-related information. AMA data services and publications are described below.

AMA Profile Service
The AMA Physician Profile Service provides vital information to individuals and organizations concerned with verifying physician credentials. Each profile includes primary source information on an individual physician's:

  • Name, preferred professional mailing address, and telephone number
  • Birthplace and date
  • Medical and/or osteopathic education (medical school or college of osteopathic medicine) and year of graduation
  • Graduate medical education (residency training) specialty/subspecialty, sponsoring institution, and training dates
  • State license(s) issued and issue date(s), expiration date(s), status (as of date), and type of license (temporary, limited, or unlimited)
  • National Board of Medical Examiners certification year
  • American Board of Medical Specialties certification(s) and subcertification(s), effective date(s), and expiration date(s)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration status
  • National Provider Identification (NPI) registration information
  • Licensure, Medicare/Medicaid, and other federal sanctions
  • AMA Physician's Recognition Award (AMA PRA) and date
  • Major professional activity
  • Practice specialty

AMA Profiles are used extensively by organizations that verify physician credentials directly (e.g., licensing boards, hospitals, group practices, managed care organizations, physician recruiters), credentialing organizations that verify physician credentials for a third party, and other organizations that need background information on physicians. For more information, please refer to the AMA Profile Service home page.