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More About AMA Database Licensing

The AMA began licensing its Physician Masterfile to external users more than 60 years ago. Today, the AMA has license agreements with Database Licensees who specialize in a variety of marketing services for the medical community. Through a policy that was carefully constructed to ensure this database is used appropriately, the AMA has created a model of database use that is monitored closely. The AMA Data Licensing Privacy Notice provides detailed information about the distribution of AMA physician data.

The AMA also developed a set of Best Practices Guidelines for the Use of Prescribing Data by Industry. These guidelines reinforce to the pharmaceutical industry the responsible use of these data.

Through the Licensees, the AMA Physician Masterfile has been made available to hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and supply companies, and other institutions interested in supplying goods and services to medical community. AMA's Database Licensees specialize in direct mail, sales call reporting, and other database marketing services. These organizations contract with the AMA for the Physician Masterfile as part of their effort to meet the medical industry's need for accurate and comprehensive physician data. Licensee services typically include:

  • mailing lists
  • databases
  • fulfillment
  • consultation
  • specialized market research
  • pharmaceutical call reporting systems
  • mail campaigns
  • telemarketing
  • information processing
  • lettershop services.

Through such organizations, AMA data have been made available to medical publishers, CME providers, pharmaceutical companies, physician recruiters, hospitals, market researchers and investment firms, insurance companies, and other entities interested in medically related data.

Physician lists are directly available from a few of the AMA Database Licensees.

For more information on AMA Database Licensing, e-mail your inquiries to the Department of Database Licensing.