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Data Licensing Privacy Notice

In 2002, the AMA Department of Database Licensing created a licensing privacy notice for the distribution of physician data. The licensing privacy notice proactively informs physicians and medical students of their option to restrict unwanted correspondence or opt-out of having their information routinely licensed.

The AMA Data Licensing Privacy Notice answers key questions about AMA data collection and maintenance, the licensing of AMA data and AMA security procedures. It explains how physicians can inform the AMA that they wish to restrict the licensing of their data for marketing purposes. It also offers a detailed explanation of the Do Not Release and No Contact indicators on the AMA Physician Masterfile.

In 2006, the privacy notice was enhanced to include information on the AMA's Physician Data Restriction Program (PDRP), which went into effect July 2006. The PDRP empowers physicians by allowing them to restrict pharmaceutical sales representatives from accessing their prescribing data.

Visit AMA data licensing privacy notice to learn more about the PDRP, the No Contact and Do Not Release indicators, as well as AMA's data collection and maintenance processes.