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AMA Wire for Young Physicians

AMA-YPS Network
Opt-in listserv for AMA-YPS members

Grassroots Action Center
Take Action! Identify and communicate with your legislators via email or fax.

AMA press releases/statements
General AMA news as well as Washington updates.

The JAMA Network
The JAMA Network websites include the full text of JAMA and the Specialty Journals, published by the American Medical Association.
JAMA email news alerts

Address change, contact information for all AMA communications (other than those related to AMA-YPS meetings or AMA-HOD meetings); or contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 262-3211, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AMA Membership Outreach Program Enroll in AMA's peer recruitment program.

AMA MedEd Update Monthly e-newsletter covering educational trends and career-related issues for the more than 80 health care fields listed in the AMA's Health Care Careers Directory.

AMA Journal of Ethics Table of Contents alerts.