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Involvement in the AMA-YPS

There are several opportunities for involvement in the American Medical Association Young Physicians Section (AMA-YPS) – from educational events to opportunities for networking and leadership. The major goals of the AMA-YPS are to: (1) enhance young physician practice of medicine, including the transition into practice; (2) facilitate the participation of young physicians in policy development and other activities of the AMA and the Federation; and (3) promote young physician leadership throughout organized medicine.

AMA Young Physicians Section Governing Council

Special Election:  The AMA Young Physician Section (YPS) is currently accepting nominations for the alternate delegate position on the AMA-YPS Governing Council  This term will begin at the close of the AMA Interim Meeting, Nov. 11–15 and run until the close of the AMA Annual 2017 Meeting, June 9–14. 

The YPS Governing Council (GC) is responsible for directing the programs and activities of the YPS. Governing Council members must attend the AMA Annual and Interim meetings, 1 GC meeting, and participate in various conference calls and regular email communication.

Interested candidates must be active members of the AMA and of the AMA-YPS. The nominee, nominating person, or organization must complete an YPS nomination form. Nomination formsPDF FIle are due Friday, October 14. After this date, nominations will be accepted only on Friday, November 11 during the AMA-YPS Interim Assembly Meeting.

The nominee must also submit a signed disclosure statement by the published deadline. Self-nominations are accepted.
Terms of office begin at the close of the Interim Meeting. Additional information on positions and duties can be found in the AMA-YPS Internal Operating Procedures.

Candidate profiles will be posted on the website as nominations are received by the AMA-YPS. A full set of candidate materials will be available to the delegates of the AMA-YPS prior to the Interim Meeting.

AMA Young Physicians Section Convention Committees

Consider volunteering for one of the AMA-YPS Convention Committees that contribute to the section's policymaking process:

  • Reference Committee. The Reference Committee serves to 1) deliberate as a group and prepare a report summarizing testimony and making recommendations to the Assembly for action; and 2) respond to questions and explain the rationale behind their recommendations at the report's subsequent presentation to the Assembly.
  • HOD Handbook Review Committee. The AMA-YPS Handbook Review Committee will convene prior to each YPS Business meeting to review items of business that are referred to each HOD reference committee. The committee looks at all resolutions and reports submitted to the AMA-HOD, and identify those issues relevant to the AMA-YPS or of timely significance to the profession as a whole.  The purpose of highlighting these issues is to allow the Section to discuss each item and recommend a position, which then guides the AMA-YPS delegate and alternate delegate as they testify on the Section's behalf.
  • Credentials Committee. The primary purpose of the Credentials Committee is to carry out on-site credentialing verification of young physicians who officially identify themselves as having been duly selected to represent their state or specialty society or branch of the Federal Services.

Interested individuals can send an email to the yps@ama-assn.org by April 30.

Leadership Opportunities

There are young physician positions available for the Minority Affairs Section, Women Physicians Section, and LGBT Advisory Committee. Detailed information about these positions and how to apply is included below.

YPS Position on the Women Physicians Section
Young physicians with an interest in women's health and professional issues for women physicians can apply to be the Young Physicians Section (YPS) Representative on the Women Physicians Section (WPS) Governing Council. One of the goals of the AMA-WPS is to increase the number of women physicians in leadership roles and strengthen the voice of women in organized medicine. The YPS Representative is one of eight positions on the AMA-WPS Governing Council, and serves a two-year term with a two-term maximum. Applications for this position will be accepted beginning in January 2016.

YPS Position on the LGBT Advisory Committee
Young physicians interested in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health can apply for the Young Physicians Section (YPS) position on the LGBT Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee meets twice per year, in conjunction with AMA House of Delegates meetings. The committee advises the AMA Board of Trustees on issues affecting LGBT physicians, students, and patients, and helps develop strategies, programs and policies to better serve this important segment. The LGBT Advisory Committee consists of seven members appointed by the AMA Board of Trustees who serve two-year terms with a two-term maximum. Applications for the YPS position on the LGBT Advisory Committee will be accepted beginning in January 2015.

YPS Position on the Minority Affairs Section
Young physicians committed to addressing the concerns of physicians and patients from underrepresented minority groups can apply to be the Young Physicians Section (YPS) Representative to the AMA Minority Affairs Section Governing Council. The Minority Affairs Section Governing Council meets three times per year, and the YPS Representative is one of nine members of the Council. The Minority Affairs Section's goals and objectives include increasing the number of underrepresented minority medical students and physicians, providing a forum for networking and advocacy on minority issues, and eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities. Applications for this position will be accepted beginning in January 2016.

Representation in the AMA-YPS Assembly

AMA-YPS Representatives
Representatives to the YPS Assembly represent the interests of young physicians and are voting members of the assembly.  Representatives to the YPS Assembly are confirmed by the state or specialty that is sponsoring them. 

Representatives to the YPS Assembly meeting may be:

  • State federation members
  • Members serving in the military or in federal agencies
  • National medical specialty organizations
  • Professional interest medical associations

Although representatives have been given voting privileges, access to the meeting floor and the right to testify is open to all young physician members of the AMA.

The current criteria for specialty society representation, as presented in the Internal Operating Procedures of the AMA-YPS, states that a national medical specialty organization must have voting representation in the House of Delegates and have established a mechanism that allows for the regular input of young physician views into the issues before the specialty society.

The delegate selected to represent a national medical specialty society in the YPS:

  • must be a young physician as defined by AMA Bylaw 7.51;
  • must be a member of the AMA in good standing;
  • should be chosen in a fair and equitable manner allowing open representation; and
  • must represent the interests of their particular specialty society young physician constituency.

To apply for voting status in the YPS Assembly, national medical specialty societies shall submit their requests, along with information to indicate compliance with the criteria listed above, to the YPS Governing Council. Each national medical specialty society represented in the YPS Assembly shall be required to submit data to the Governing Council once every five years to reconfirm its qualifications for representation according to the guidelines above.  Failure to participate in the review process or to meet these qualifications shall be reported to the YPS Assembly for action.

State and Specialty Certification

AMA Bylaws that became effective January 1, 2008 state that the apportionment for each state and specialty society, or federal service, will be two representatives (and no alternate representatives) for each 1,000 members of the Young Physicians Section who are members of the society or federal service as recorded by the AMA on December 31 of each year. Societies eligible for more than two representatives will be required to submit evidence to the Section that documents the number of their young physician AMA members.

The AMA defines young physicians as "all active physician members of the AMA who are not resident/fellow physicians but who are under 40 years of age or are within the first eight (8) years of professional practice after residency and fellowship training programs."

The form (available online or PDF) will serve as your society's certification for both Annual and Interim AMA-YPS meetings. We also will use the information you provide to contact you and your representatives about Assembly meetings, and send other YPS communications for a one-year period. If for some reason your representative or YPS staff contact changes within this time frame, simply send us the change and we will make sure the new information is added.

If you have any questions about the credentialing process, please do not hesitate to contact the AMA-YPS.