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Young Physicians Section

What's New?

Attend the AMA-YPS Interim Assembly Meeting, Nov. 11

Apply for AMA-YPS Leadership Positions

Run for an open seat on the AMA-YPS Governing Council and get more involved in organized medicine. Nomination forms for alternate delegate received by Friday, Oct. 14 will be posted on the AMA-YPS website.

After that date, nomination forms will be accepted until Friday, Nov. 11 during the 2016 AMA-YPS Interim Assembly Meeting.  This term will begin at the close of the AMA Interim Meeting, Nov. 11–15 and run until the close of the AMA Annual 2017 Meeting, June 9–14. 

2016 Annual Meeting Recap

Young physicians from across the country discussed priority issues and worked on shaping AMA policy during this year's AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting.

View the 2016 Delegates Report

Young Physicians: 5 Strategies for a Strong Financial Foothold
Young U.S. physicians typically begin practicing medicine (and saving for retirement) 10 years later than undergraduate peers in other professions. View the 5 strategies to help young physicians accelerate their savings for a secure financial future.




View the Internal Operating Procedures for the AMA-YPS.

Additional Resources

Deadlines & Events

National Advocacy Conference (registration now open): Monday, February 22–Wednesday, February 24

AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting registration opens: TBD

Resolution deadline for AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting: Saturday, April 30

Convention Committee application deadline (Annual): Saturday, April 30

Nominations for AMA-YPS Governing Council elections due: Sunday, May 22

AMA-YPS Online Discussion Forum (Annual): Monday, May 16–Tuesday, May 31

AMA-YPS Annual Meeting registration closes: TBD

AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago): Friday, June 10

AMA Annual Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago): Saturday, June 11–Wednesday, June 15

Resolution deadline for AMA-YPS Interim Assembly Meeting: Friday, September 30

AMA-YPS Interim Meeting registration opens: TBD

Convention Committee Application deadline (Interim): Wednesday, September 30

AMA-YPS Online Discussion Forum (Interim): Monday, October 17–Monday, October 31

AMA-YPS Interim Meeting registration closes: TBD

AMA-YPS Interim Assembly Meeting (Orlando, FL): Friday, November 11

AMA Interim Meeting (Orlando, FL): Saturday, November 12–Tuesday, November 15