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Women in Medicine

Let's Celebrate Women in Medicine Month!

elebrate Women in Medicine Month in September

Each September, the AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) honors physicians who have offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women in medicine.

This year's theme, "Promoting Healthy Living for Physicians and Patients," reaffirms our commitment to increasing the influence of women physicians and advocating for women's health issues.

The AMA's three strategic commitments also promote healthy living as part of the AMA's important work to improve the health of the nation:

  • In striving to improve health outcomes, we're disseminating resources to help prevent diabetes and help prevent or control high blood pressure, as both increase the risk of heart attacks, the leading cause of death for women
  • Creating thriving physician practices is improving physician and patient health and its AMA STEPS Forward™ program now offers two new educational modules that can help prevent physician burnout and increase resiliency 
  • Our efforts to create the medical school of the future have, among other things, led Mayo Medical School to test the functionality of the Medical Student Well-Being Index, which allows self-assessment of distress and immediate access to local and national resources

View the Women in Medicine resources to learn more about the milestones of women in American medicine over the past 165 years or download a free flier to commemorate Women in Medicine Month.

If you did something special to celebrate this observance or would like to learn more about Women in Medicine Month, please email the AMA-WPS at wps@ama-assn.org.

Women in Medicine Resources

WPS Videos
Watch this video series featuring interviews of various AMA-WPS members sharing their thoughts on women in the AMA.

How would you describe the impact of the AMA-WPS, or its precursor the AMA Women Physicians Congress?

What are your memories of the AMA Women Physicians Congress?

How has the AMA Women Physicians Congress or the AMA-WPS helped you as an individual?

What would you like to see the AMA-WPS accomplish in the years ahead?

Why is it important that the AMA have a section devoted to women physicians?

Women in Medicine Timeline
View a snapshot of the accomplishments of women in medicine in the arenas of leadership and innovation.

A Profile & History of Women in Medicine
Learn more about the history of women physicians and a current statistical outlook of women in medicine.

Women Physicians Section
See a presentation on the historical overview of the AMA-WPS.

About the AMA-WPS

The AMA-WPS works on issues that concern us all:

  • Work/life balance
  • Mentorship
  • Re-entry into practice
  • Pay disparity: Gender inequality in physician salaries

Learn more