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Women Physicians Section Leadership Opportunities

Deadline: Nomination forms due March 15, 2015.

Become involved with the WPS at the highest level. Apply for a position on the WPS Governing Council (GC)! The WPS GC is responsible for directing the programs and activities of the WPS. Involvement on the GC includes attending the AMA Annual and Interim meetings and one additional GC meeting as well as various conference calls and regular email communication.

Candidates should complete an AMA-WPS Governing Council Nomination Form. The nomination form and current curriculum vitae should be submitted to WPS@ama-assn.org by March 15, 2015. Criteria for serving and responsibilities:

  • Must be a current member of the AMA-WPS
  • Demonstrate interest and/or experience in the AMA-WPS goals and objectives
  • Must attend the Governing Council meetings (3), which serve as the platform for setting AMA-WPS direction and activities, held in conjunction with the: (1) June AMA Annual Meeting (Chicago), (2) November AMA Interim Meeting (various locations) and (3) a winter/spring Governing Council meeting. Attendance is also required on regular conference calls. Governing Council members are reimbursed by the AMA for all travel expenses related to attending in-person meetings.
  • Must be willing and able to carry out responsibilities as agreed to by the Council, including, but not limited to, presenting periodic reports on AMA-WPS activities to/from their sponsoring organizations if applicable, and participating in AMA-WPS projects and policy development/advocacy activities.

The next AMA-WPS GC election will take place April 1-15, 2015 for the following positions:

Member At-Large (1 position)

  • Responsibilities:
    • Represent the interests of the WPS.
    • Execute assigned responsibilities as determined by the Chair of the GC
  • Term length: Two-years (for a maximum of two terms)

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) Representative (1 position)

  • Responsibilities
    • Encourage cooperation and communication between the AMA and AMWA.
    • Prepare a report on AMWA activities for each WPS GC meeting.
    • Must be nominated by AMWA.
  • Term length: Two-years (for a maximum of two terms)

Medical Student Section Representative (1 position)

  • Responsibilities:
    • Convey the interests of the MSS to the WPS.
    • Be an active liaison between the WPS and the MSS.
    • Prepare a report for each GC meeting and MSS meeting.
  • Term length: One-year (for a maximum of two terms)