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Women Physicians Section Leadership Opportunities

Lynda Kabbash, MD Lynda Kabbash, MD
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Specialty: Allergy

Statement of Interest:I appreciate the opportunity to run for Member-at-Large of the Governing Council of the Women Physicians Section. I intend to earn your support based on my experience, my passion and my track record.
I’ll begin with a quick recap of my experience. For 4 years I have represented MMS as Liaison to the Women Physicians Section of the AMA. In my 2 years as Alternate Delegate for WPS, I served twice as Delegate at Interim meetings. I also represent my hospital for OMSS.

My active experience fuels my passion to help make things right. I believe that most of you agree that consumer advertising of prescription drugs is just wrong. Pharmaceutical companies bombard our patients with potentially misleading drug information—even during football games! Because I believe these ads weaken the trust implicit in the doctor-patient relationship, I spearheaded our Reference committee K recommendation to support a ban on all direct to consumer advertising—a motion which was soundly supported by a House vote at AMA Interim.

On another issue that concerns me deeply, I stood firmly in opposition to my chief-of-staff as he testified in favor of Nurse Practitioners Independent Practice. While I respect the ability of nurses, I strongly believe that we must continue to support physician-led, team-based care.

I ask you in all seriousness to favor me with your vote and to support my desire and ability to help make things right.

Rachel Solnick Rachel Solnick
New Haven, Connecticut
Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Statement of Interest:I would like to run for the Women Physicians Section Member-at-Large position because I am passionate about the professional advancement of women in medicine and advocating for women's health issues. I have had extensive leadership experience with organized medicine and benefit from having previously served on the board of the AMA's Women Physicians Section as the Medical Student Representative, where I utilized my position to author and delivered testimony to help pass resolutions through the House of Delegates on increasing aid to victims of human trafficking and protecting the health of sex workers. Recognizing the importance of communication, I started a newsletter to the Medical Student Section, initiated lectures at the national meeting, and started a new student women's advocacy group which garnered 35 members. On a state level, as vice chair of the Texas Medical Association Medical Student Section, I authored and helped pass resolutions for the TMA for healthier food stamps programs and protecting the rights of pregnant women, which resulted in an update of our Board of Councilors policy. I’ve continued to advocate for women by serving on the Handbook Review Committee, and on the AMA RFS Public Health Committee, helping to write a report on human trafficking. If selected to join the WPS GC, I plan to investigate how workplace policies can increase women’s job retention and promotions, and how we can increase participation of young women in organized medicine and politics, while working with the Association on our shared goals.