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AMA-member academic physicians are invited to participate in the AMA-SMS. Are you an AMA member? If so, thank you! If not, join or renew your membership now.

The AMA-SMS has three categories of membership:

  1. Official representatives from each LCME- and AOA-accredited medical school consist of the dean or the dean’s designate, and each dean may appoint up to four AMA-member institutional representatives, each of whom may represent undergraduate, graduate or continuing medical education at the institution. To join the SMS through this route, please contact the dean of your current institution.
  2. Any AMA member with a faculty appointment to a U.S.-accredited medical school may elect to be a member of the Section. To join the AMA-SMS through this route, submit a copy of your faculty appointment letter via email to Fred Donini-Lenhoff.
  3. Up to 20 at-large members, representing the interests of graduate and continuing medical education, are appointed by the SMS Governing Council. These individuals need not hold faculty appointments at a medical school, but must be members of the AMA. To join the AMA-SMS through this route, email Fred Donini-Lenhoff.