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Section on Medical Schools (SMS)

Providing all AMA-member academic physicians a voice in AMA policies

What's New

  • Register now for AMA-SMS meeting, June 5-6 in Chicago and view the draft agenda and meeting agenda book.
  • "Med school deans, faculty debate policy: AMA-SMS meeting highlights" (AMA Wire)
  • Read a summary of AMA-SMS recommendations and AMA House of Delegates' actions on items of business at the AMA's 2014 Interim Meeting.
  • How does the AMA-SMS work to influence AMA policy? Learn more.
  • Read a report on the AMA-SMS, from the AMA Council on Long Range Planning and Development.
  • AMA members: Join the SMS now.
  • Sign up now to get the latest medical education news delivered to your inbox each month. Want more med ed news? Check out AMA Wire™.
  • Apply now for leadership opportunities in medical education.
  • View a YouTube video on the AMA's Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative.